Tiny Moments of Healing

This month’s article is one of the small pieces of writing that, as I explained in the last blog and in the introduction to the article in the upcoming Newsletter, has come through me in an altered state of consciousness.  In actuality, for those of you who have read Jung’s Red Book, or the Course in Miracles, or Conversations with God, this is a similar process – perhaps not as well organized.  However, I do think that there is a great deal of information that is gained in this way.  Just as Jung had his Philemon, I have my Teacher.  I also believe that most of us, if we want to explore this realm, will have their own direct access.  I encourage all of you to access this force within you.

The tiny moments of healing I talk about in my Newsletter describe all the various moments of healing that occur to us each and every day if we are willing to become aware of them.  They are the wonderful moments when we catch ourselves about to get angry with a child, or a pet, or a slip of the hammer while we are nailing something.  These moments are when we are able to become aware enough to stop the action and not carry through on the angry or abusive behavior.  We become aware enough to let go.  They are the delicious moments that occur and bring a tiny golden nugget of consciousness into our lives.

Each little gold nugget is an alchemical building block that is creating a structure that will withstand greater and greater levels of ability to open our minds to receive directly from Spirit.  The Newsletter will come out in about a week.