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Online Therapy

Would You Like to Do Adult Counseling or Spiritual Guidance But You Cannot Come Into an Office?

  • Do you live in a remote area that makes it hard to get into a therapy office?
  • Are you struggling with physical challenges, or are you a caretaker for someone who cannot or prefers not to travel?
  • Do you feel like you are too busy, anxious or embarrassed to meet with someone face-to-face?
  • Does it seem like you have considered all of the experts in your area, but you still haven’t found someone with whom you feel connected and want to work?

You may have considered therapy as a way to find relief and guidance, but you aren’t comfortable or capable of making it in to your preferred therapist’s office to meet in person. Or, maybe fear, anxiety or a physical disability have left you feeling trapped in your own home and hopeless that you will ever be able to get the help you need. You might find yourself spending more and more time alone—playing games or finding diversions on the Internet—in an effort to avoid thinking about how you feel or discussing it with your partner.

You may have been told that therapy cannot be done by phone, video link or email exchange, so you gave up on the idea. But, the issues you are experiencing are not going away, and it would really help to talk to someone.Unknown

More People are Seeking Alternative, Online Therapy Approaches to Counseling

There are many reasons why individuals want or need to do therapy by phone, video link or email exchange, and online therapy, or eTherapy, has become a popular way of getting help for people who have restrictions on travel. For some people, their location, schedule, physical health or mental condition presents an insurmountable barrier to in-office therapy sessions. For others, a cell phone or a keyboard is an easier and more comfortable form of communication than face-to-face counseling.

The good news is that these forms have been developed by those of us who want to reach those with challenges. Training is becoming more standard, both privately and in schools and universities.

Do Not Let Disabilities, Distance or Life-Style Prevent You From Seeking the Help You Need

For many years, health professionals have been limited in our ability to help many people in need who cannot come into our offices. But, thanks to advances in technology and changes in the way licensed therapists are able to connect with our clients, this is no longer true. Through phone, video link, chat-rooms and email exchange, we can now serve just about everyone who needs personal, professional or relationship help.


You do not have to deprive yourself of a well-trained and seasoned therapist to get the help you need. Counseling-at-a-distance can help you deal wit.h the underlying issues that have kept you from feeling safe, satisfied and empowered. Perhaps you are in an abusive situation and feel too isolated or afraid to leave your home, and a few sessions by phone might give you the courage you need to explore options and resources. Or, maybe you feel like you can be more open and honest when you can write down your thoughts on your own time, rather than having to meet on a schedule. Whether you feel more comfortable communicating by phone, video link or email exchange, in many cases online counseling can be just as effective as meeting with a therapist in person.

There Are Good Reasons to Explore Online Therapy.

In some cases, you might need the physical presence of a therapist to feel connected and supported. But, for many clients and issues, online counseling can provide the safe, compassionate guidance you need from the comfort and safety of your own home. One of the advantages of doing therapy by phone or video link is that we are working together in real time, so we can explore and address feelings and thoughts that are causing immediate distress or discomfort in your life. Some of my clients have told me that conducting sessions with Skype is very much like being in the room for therapy. Others have said that phone therapy is better for them because they can focus completely on their own process without having to deal with “relationship” issues that are present when sharing with a therapist in person.

From the comfort of your own home, hospital or work setting, you can receive the highest quality of care available. Whether it is Adult Counseling, Spiritual Counseling or enhancing your relationships, you can find the help, guidance and support you seek, all online.

“I’ve thought about counseling by phone or Skype, but I’m afraid it won’t be as effective as meeting face-to-face.”

Many clients share your concern, and it is natural to want to make sure you are receiving the most effective care and support available. UnknownI have been providing counseling services in person as well as through video-conferencing and phone consultation for many years, and I have seen that both methods can be equally effective in helping you find relief and healing.

“What are the challenges of meeting with a therapist online?”

Probably the single most important challenge I see when doing therapy online is confidentiality. While I do everything I can to ensure your confidentiality, including encrypting emails, every company and practice that uses digital data and communication faces some risk that their servers could be hacked if the desire is strong enough. If this is a serious issue for you, online counseling may not be the best therapy approach for you. However, to date, I have had no complaints or difficulties in this area.

There are potential technical challenges that can occur when you meet online, and a certain amount of patience may be needed as we first connect. It helps considerably if you know how to send emails and/or feel comfortable working over the phone. Additionally, there is a “learning curve” involved with using video link. We are used to looking in each other’s eyes when having a conversation, and due to the location of the camera on computers, there is a slight distance, and it can feel like you or the therapist isn’t making eye contact.

If you are actively suicidal or homicidal, you should not use online sources but should seek help either by going to a hospital or calling 911.

“How do the various forms work when trying to connect at a distance?”

Online eTherapy tools are designed to be simple and efficient. Counseling by phone is simply done by scheduling a time when there are no other disturbances and you can focus on our work together. Video links can be a little more complicated, though the tools are still simple and intuitive. You need to show up at the appointed time, have your equipment up and running and understand how to use it. For using emails, you must know how to send and receive them. You also need to realize that doing therapy using email means a delay in receiving answers. The advantage is that you can write whenever you want so that you can think and construct your ideas to express yourself clearly and adequately. This can be a very therapeutic aspect of the process for many clients.Unknown

However you prefer to meet, you should try to work in a private room or space to minimize distractions and interferences (dogs, children, house-mates).

You Can Use Online Therapy to Ease Suffering and Find the Support You Need

I have been using online therapy tools and techniques for years, and I have seen how powerful the process can be for individuals who are unable to meet with a therapist in person. In addition to my extensive experience providing Adult Counseling and Spiritual Guidance, I am trained in Distance Counseling and by the Online Therapy Institute.

If you feel eTherapy could work for you, or if you have questions about meeting online or by phone, please call me at 303-726-0847 or fill in the form below to schedule a free 15-20 minute phone consultation and to see if we would work well together.