The Creative Process

From time to time, I will post a blog or an article that came from my own deep inner work.  These will consist of times when I suspend my ordinary state of consciousness in which I write, and access a deeper and wiser part of my mind.  I am essentially in a meditative state of active imaging.  This is the process used by many over the centuries to access these less accessible places of consciousness.  This is the same process Carl Jung used and probably very akin to Helen Schucman’s scribing of the Course in Miracles  — although both of these people’s feats were enormous in size and consistency.  I am doing this for a two-fold reason; one is that the information itself gained in this way is very interesting.  The other reason is to acknowledge the use of such a means of creative expression to hopefully make it more accessible to people who would like to access these levels for themselves.  This is not an unusual process, it is mysterious but only to the extent that consciousness itself is mysterious.  The technology of the “how-to” of it is now well delineated for all of us.  I’m just adding my piece.

It is a simple process, really, but no doubt was and is facilitated by many years of meditation, active imaging, many uses of “medicine” in the form of LSD, mushrooms, and such.  I have spent many long and happy hours of training with such people as Anne and Jim Armstrong (who have finally just published a book), Angeles Arrien, Frances Vaughn, Stan and Christina Grof, the White Eagle Lodge, Rina Sircar and many other Buddhist teachers.  I’ve learned so many processes from these sources that have facilitated my ability to go inward to do this inner work.  These pioneers of consciousness and spiritual awakening have taught many thousands of people to trust themselves more fully.

Over the years, many hundreds of pages have come through me in such altered states of awareness and I am slowly putting them forth in an organized fashion.  While I’m doing this, I will put them out a little at a time – both in my blogs and in my Newsletter.

If you find you have any questions for me about this, please write them to me and I will answer them.