Intuition and Aging

You know, the really good news about aging is that I care less and less what others think about me!  Is that true for you as well?  Because this is true, I am much freer to listen to my own inner guidance – both in doing inner dialogue work and in following the guidance in the outer world.  Very nice.

Another term for this is to listen to and allow one’s own “intuition” to guide one’s life.  As so many of us, I could have saved myself a good deal of headache – and heartache – by listening more carefully.  And, more specifically, FOLLOWING that guidance!  Oh well, that is how we learn…

In order to stop caring so much about what others think starts with actually bringing enough awareness to the moment so that you can ask yourself even the question, “Do I really care about what this person thinks of me?”  Usually, we do not really, but if you do, explore the “whys” involved.  You will learn a great deal.