Fears of Experiencing “Not Knowing…”

Recently, I have become re-aware of how frightened people are of their own “inner” life.  I mean here the images and experiences that arise from our own unconscious.  There seems to be a great deal of misunderstanding of just what is meant by such terms as “accessing one’s inner life,” active imaging and what it is, archetypes, inner dialogue and such as these.

As part of the development of intuition and learning to listen to inner guidance, I’m going to write a series of newsletters and blogs that explore these ideas in small chunks so that you don’t have to read through all the tomes that Jung wrote to understand what he meant – and what others, such as Roberto Assagioli meant as well.

There is a key, a doorway to this inner life – it is getting comfortable with “not knowing.”  As this, I mean the actual inner experience of not knowing what exactly one feels, thinks, experiences and what the meanings are of such things.  The state of consciousness where one does not actually know what direction to take or what one really wants to do with one’s life, or even with one’s day.  Learning to suspend knowing – which is EXTREMELY difficult for most of us, especially in the West.  We have been raised to feel that we need to know what is the right answer, or always be on top of knowing what to do and what to think so that we can make decisions quickly, and make the right one.  This attitude gets in the way of being open to receiving information from deeper realms within us.  Look for articles about this coming up in the next few months.