“Spacing out” and the use of Meditation…

Sorry for not writing in this blog for a while here.  Sometimes, I simply “space” it out – life gets in the way and out of my mind the blog goes!  Do you ever notice this happening to you??  Especially as we age??  Don’t worry; it seems to be quite normal.  Most of us do it – especially when life is filled with tasks and projects.  I’ve been in the mode of helping with my mother-in-law’s passing, and a lot of other things get put on the backburner.

Here’s where meditation and the disciplined practice of it does help quite a lot.  At least once per day, we can set the intention of waking up and use a bit of time implementing that intention.

You will find yourself amazed at what changes in your life when you do this.  Just 10 minutes a day could turn your life around.  Think of it as spending 10 minutes focusing on the highest values you have about the meaning of life and the purpose of living here on earth.  Just spend these 10 minutes contemplating what you see as the very best of who you are, and set an intention of becoming more of that throughout the day.  Using the Course in Miracles, Buddhist texts, Sufi texts or really any inspirational work will help you set this in place and make you feel far better about yourself and your day.