Peace and Meditation

The use of meditation to set a peaceful intention for the day is a really wonderful way to begin a day – if only for a few minutes in the morning.  This seems to heave the extraordinary effect of bringing peace and lack of anxiety into the whole day.  If you are a practiced meditator, you know its benefits and blessings.  If you are new to practice, understand a mere 10 minutes in the morning can begin to change the basic mental attitude you bring to everything in your life.

Doing this, many of the teachers of the great spiritual traditions tell us, brings “merit” into your life and like building a house brick by brick, helps you build a sanctuary in your own mind.

And when you forget to sit, that’s OK, just bring compassion to yourself and do it the next day.  Two aids for helping you center in your meditation are:  (1) The workbook for the Course in Miracles (daily lessons in mind training) and (2) reading 1-4 pages in Sogyal Rinpoche’s The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.