Happy Valentine’s Day!

One of the very, very best parts of aging well is to realize that everyday should be a day in which we celebrate love and being kind to one another.  This seems to be the very essence of Valentine’s Day, doesn’t it?  A day to celebrate and revel in the love we feel for one another – and try to extend your love to at least one person you do not really like.  This will help you increase the energy in your own soul!

And to the person you love the most on earth, think of something that this person would really like for you to do, and then do it – something that will really surprise them and make them feel loved by you.

I’ll continue on with the dealing with aging parents, Medicaid, and dealing with our own deep inner feelings on future blogs.  If you have any questions, please send them to me atKarenTurner@ElderWisdom.com.