A Good Passing…

I realize this has been a pretty personal blog over the past few weeks.  I have learned so much about rehab centers, how to deal with Medicaid, the nature of Medicaid, nursing homes, both good and bad, and a little tiny bit more about death – such an unending teacher.  The nursing homes range from horrible to quite decent with very dedicated folks working in them.  Here again, having professional help from people who know how to work with the system is really important.

However, no matter what, there is a huge stigma involved in placing a loved one in a “nursing home.”  It seems so final and hopeless and filled with very deep longing not to have to do so!  We were incredibly blessed and fortunate that Sue’s mom passed peacefully this past weekend, just within days away from having to make the needed transition to such a place.  Her body had been through so much suffering for the past few weeks, it was a great mercy for her to pass on.

We had been studying both the Course in Miracles and dove-tailing it with The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying during these past few weeks and they both provided a wonderful combination of view-points which helped all of us through this very trying time.  I highly recommend them for anytime, but especially when undergoing such initiations.

Blessings to all who are going through such processes – and thanks for reading these blogs on ours.