On behalf of caretakers in the aging process:

This blog is a message to all who feel called to be in a caretaking role with family, friends and loved ones.

After watching this personally and professionally, I believe there is a key that leads to liberation – if only within one’s own mind – and that is that there is choice involved, even in cases of dire and horrific situations.  I will be talking much more about this over the months and years because as we age, it becomes a major factor in many if not most of our lives.

With an attitude (often hard won) of no blame and compassionate acceptance of ALL feels – negative and positive – there can be forgiveness and release for all involved.

To the caretakers:  Remember that the person you are caring for has a life of his/her own, with its own unique lessons.  Remember that this person is in the hands of the Holy Spirit, just as you are.  The person being taken care of needs his/her own connection to Spirit MORE than they need you.  This can be a humbling thought, indeed, but one which can lead to freedom for both.

To the person cared for:  Whether or not you are cognizant of your thoughts or situation, everything we encounter is a lesson and is preparing us for what is next.  Even though you may want to give over responsibility for your life to the person giving you care, it isn’t his/her responsibility to take.  They, whether it looks like it or not, are choosing to take care of you, it isn’t an obligation and something you are simply entitled to have, it is a choice.  They do not “owe” you – and here also is a humbling fact.