2011 to be the Best Ever

Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope your 2011 is really filled with joy and gratitude for your daily life and loved ones.  I most sincerely wish for peace and joy to ignite the world into deep healing and recognition that we are, indeed, one people on one planet.

In the aging process, we are able to come closer to realizing this oneness between us, I believe.  As we mature, we are given the experiences we need to grow closer to one another and within ourselves.  Sometimes, the experiences make us stop growing if we let them dissolve into such.  This is truly a choice that is within our own hands, even if it looks like others are taking that choice from us.  They are not and cannot unless we allow it.

I encourage each and every one of us to take on the task and the quest to make of 2011 our personal best — in both learning greater maturity within ourselves, forgiving others, and loving them to the best of our ability.  Not easy, just so rewarding!

Thank you all for communicating with me last year, and I welcome your questions and comments again this year.  Send them to me via email: KarenTurner@ElderWisdom.com — I will add a Q&A into my newsletter this year to help me answer some of them.