Adult Counseling to Help With MidLife and Aging Issues



website picPsychotherapy is a journey to the deep Self and can be a recovery of one’s soul. If you are someone who is ready to do this work and has a desire to work with someone to create a space in which you feel safe and respected to be guided to find your own answers, we might work well together.
Both in-person and by long distance
Call me:  303-726-0847


I am a Depth/Transpersonal Therapist, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Diplomate with the American Psychotherapy Association. I work with you to create this sacred space where you feel you have a companion to help you explore your inner landscape. Often a long-experienced sense of suffering will motivate us to want this deeper work. Sometimes, due to abuse and/or trauma, the road to this Self/soul has become blurred and sketchy: you feel lost.
Psychotherapy can help establish a map and a compass for the journey. As the therapist, I provide guidance and suggest tools and techniques for the exploration. My focus is Transpersonal, which means I combine clinical expertise with personal spirituality. I seek to help the individual come into deep contact with the essential Self, one’s ground of Being. I believe each individual has a soul which, once contacted, provides profound direction to one’s life.
I am certified as a “Cyber Facilitator” (through the Online Therapy Institute) which means I can work with you in a variety of ways, including phone, email and video if coming into my office is a challenge for you.
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